We design and deploy
sharp ideas


Brands used to have a logo.
Now they have a personality.

A true brand strategy encompasses everything that your customers experience, right down to your purpose. This goes beyond visible assets like logos, colours, and website design. We Are Brooklyn understands that true brand is intangible and requires careful planning to ensure consistency of message, visuals and experience.

We Are Brooklyn is built on a deep understanding and respect for psychology and consumer behaviour. We follow a propriety framework to meticulously and thoughtfully create compelling, consistent and authentic brands, underpinned by insights.

Each clients’ brand journey with We Are Brooklyn is unique; however, we typically start with a deep dive into your business, followed by an examination of your customers’ motivating beliefs and desires. The results translate into complete clarity on your brand identity, visual expression, customer experience, and messaging. Our team members’ experience spans categories including travel, hospitality, fashion, banking, transport and utilities.

This includes:

Industry & Market Research | Competitor Analysis | Audience Insights | Strategic Positioning |Brand Archetypes | Tone of Voice | Visual Identity | Vision & Mission | Brand Values | Unique Selling Propositions | Customer Journey Mapping | Brand Manifestos | Copywriting | Business Wide Brand Alignment | Style Guides | Asset Design


Brands used to tell.
Now they need to show.

We Are Brooklyn knows that awareness and conversions are only two pieces of the marketing puzzle today. Marketing is also about curating a beautiful, satisfying and memorable customer experience from the first touchpoint through the entire lifecycle of your customer journey, generating repeat business, genuine referrals, conversations, and passionate fans.

We Are Brooklyn’s team members are experts in developing innovative, insight-led strategies that help brands build deep relationships with the people who matter to them.

This involves listening to your customers, identifying and understanding their deeper needs and behaviours, and making sure your brand is occupying an important place in their hearts and minds.

Our approach delivers marketing strategies that help our clients reach and exceed their identified business objectives.

Contact us for an initial consultation about how we can elevate and amplify your brand and align your marketing with your business goals.

This includes:

Website Design | UX Design | Landing Pages | Digital Marketing | Copywriting | Social Media | Content Creation | Media Buying | Print Advertising | Content Marketing | Photography | Videography | Funnel Development | Email Marketing | Lead Generation | Concepting and Ideating | Integrated Customer Journeys | Marketing Plans | Activations and Event management


Brands used to have customers.
Now they have communities.

We Are Brooklyn uses the power of storytelling to drive your narrative through integrated channels including traditional media, social media and influencers. Our senior staff have a history working as journalists, ensuring that we can develop positive and powerful stories that capture the media interest and ignite conversations – often in outlets you may not have considered.

When you’re facing an issue, our crisis communication experts can also formulate the best response and help mitigate the damage.

This includes:

PR strategy | media relations | content and social strategy development |ambassador and influencer engagement | creative concepting for long and short form videos | shoot management | sponsorship and partnership management