New Bar Creative Direction

The Challenge

As part of the launch deliverables, We Are Brooklyn championed the new creative direction for Stranded. Through photography and videography, our goal was to weave a story through a series of narratives and content that showcased a trendy, premium, artistic, soulful venue – the essence of Stranded. 

The Approach

Our approach involved talent selection to ensure alignment with the creative vision and the intended audience. Translating our mood board into reality, we crafted a highly stylised production brief. Guided by our direction, the stills captured not just visuals, but emotions – illustrating the journey through Stranded’s music, art, craftsmanship in cocktail making, and the overall atmosphere. Careful attention was paid to lighting, grading and editing to ensure each image conveyed the premium yet edgy experience that Stranded offers its guests. 

The Impact

The end result was a seamless suite of cohesive creative assets that encapsulated the Stranded experience. These assets were deployed across social media platforms and incorporated into our PR efforts, allowing us to effectively communicate the unique character of Stranded’s venue to a broader audience.

About Stranded

Set in an edgy Brooklyn-style loft deep within Fortitude Valley, Stranded is the soulful bar bringing rock and roll to the eclectic, the visionaries and the music lovers. Vinyls soothe the soul with vibey beats filling the air, share-platters set the tables, and mezcal line the counter, with staff ready to mix your choice of craft cocktail to make every outing the memorable affair it should be. This is the tucked-away bar on Winn Lane that marks the ideal way Valley goers start and end their night. 

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