Email Marketing

The Challenge

A vital challenge for Stranded was in providing customers with a dedicated platform to learn more about the brand and follow along with the journey. Using social media and live coverage as our avenues, we aimed to cultivate a marketing database. To complement this, we orchestrated an email marketing campaign as an additional prong of our all-encompassing approach. 

The Approach

We Are Brooklyn designed a user-friendly eDM template to serve as the anchor of our strategy. This electronic direct marketing strategy not only broadcast the launch messaging, but also provided details on how to secure reservations ahead of the launch. Filled with captivating imagery, the email was strategically peppered with hyperlinks guiding recipients precisely to where they needed to be. Collaborating with our design team, we polished the eDM to elevate click-through rates and drive bookings for the big day.

The Impact

  • The email strategy generated curiosity, excitement, and fervent anticipation for the upcoming launch. It guided users to explore the website and join the database for access to exclusive launch updates.


  • Successful Facebook advertisements drove 1,500+ visitors to the website, resulting in over 400 email subscribers.


  • Boasting a 30% open rate and nearly 50% clicks per unique open, the email propelled recipients to take action, contributing to the success of the grand opening.

About Stranded

Set in an edgy Brooklyn-style loft deep within Fortitude Valley, Stranded is the soulful bar bringing rock and roll to the eclectic, the visionaries and the music lovers. Vinyls soothe the soul with vibey beats filling the air, share-platters set the tables, and mezcal line the counter, with staff ready to mix your choice of craft cocktail to make every outing the memorable affair it should be. This is the tucked-away bar on Winn Lane that marks the ideal way Valley goers start and end their night. 

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