Spyre Group
Brand Strategy

The Challenge

Spyre Group faced the challenge of sustaining its growth in the market, requiring the establishment of a strong brand foundation. This foundation was essential to support the launch of a suite of luxury residential developments and to unite all stakeholders in their pursuit of exceptional design and quality construction.

The primary objective was to forge deeper emotional connections with Spyre Group’s audience, enabling them to authentically experience the brand’s luxury offerings in compelling and meaningful ways. 

The Approach

Recognising the discerning nature of their target market, we harnessed the power of language to shape a distinctive brand identity. A well-defined brand voice would also pave the way for effective PR opportunities in the future.

Drawing inspiration from psychologist Carl Jung’s brand archetype framework, we embarked on a journey to uncover Spyre Group’s unique personality. We delved into the perception of luxury brands, deciphered the true essence of ‘luxury’, and focused on a high-net-worth audience. With this understanding and a blend of archetypes, we unearthed Spyre Group’s core identity, purpose, and distinct qualities.

This included:

  • Brand Objectives
  • Brand Promise
  • Brand Philosophy
  • Mission Statement
  • Vision Statement
  • Brand Values
  • Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)

This groundwork led to the creation of a comprehensive copywriting brief, complete tone-of-voice guidelines and a captivating brand narrative.


The Impact

This foundation empowered We Are Brooklyn to develop strategic public relations strategies that garnered attention and media coverage in local and national business and lifestyle publications. It significantly elevated brand recognition and positioned Spyre Group as a premium property developer. 

This comprehensive brand guide serves as a unifying tool to inform and engage various Spyre Group stakeholders including internal staff, clients, buyers, investors, creative partners, and suppliers. It aligns them under a single brand and overarching goal: achieving design excellence.

About Spyre Group

Uniquely positioned in Southeast Queensland, Spyre Group has transformed luxury living through meticulously crafted properties.  As a prominent Australian residential property developer with a portfolio exceeding $750 million in value, Spyre Group specialises in securing one-of-a-kind locations and contributing significantly to luxury construction projects in Australia. Their mission is to redefine the standard of luxury for aspirational buyers by creating personalised havens that enhance residents’ lifestyles.

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