Ovello Bar & Kitchen
Restaurant Social Media Strategy

The Challenge

In anticipation of a new restaurant launch, the imperative arose for a fresh social media account. To complete the Ovello brand’s customer journey, a dedicated social media strategy was needed to establish the venue’s online presence, offer a platform for media to direct inquiries and empower Ovello to showcase its vibrancy and personality. The primary focus was on Facebook and Instagram engagement. As Ovello Bar & Kitchen had commenced its online journey from scratch, an added challenge entailed encouraging and nurturing a local community of loyal brand adopters from the ground up.

The Approach

We set out to build Ovello’s distinct online identity, detached from its physical location within Mantra South Bank. To achieve this, an independent social media strategy was devised to communicate directly on behalf of Ovello. The approach involved uncovering the essence of Ovello’s personality and expressing it through a strategic social media roadmap.


Leveraging competitor analysis and contemporary social media trends at the time of launch, a set of creative guidelines tailored exclusively for Ovello were devised. This translated into a number of dynamic social media assets that not only set Ovello apart but also threaded all content together with a coherent theme. 

The Impact

With an on-brand social media strategy firmly established, Ovello was armed with an integrated marketing arsenal,  interlinking every step of the customer journey into actionable outcomes. The social media account’s growth has been consistent since launch, reflected by a steady increase in followers. Impressions and reach metrics further underscore the efficacy of the content, affirming its performance.  

About Ovello Bar & Kitchen

Ovello Bar & Kitchen is a casual Italian eatery that took over Grey Street in February 2023, offering atmosphere, a mouth-watering Amalfi menu, and drinks worth whipping the camera out for and home to Australia’s most expensive spritz – The Duchess, coming in at a price point of $299. Ovello also hosts Australia’s largest spritz menu, with over 14 different selections of the classic cocktail and even 4 special mini-me mocktail spritz for kids – something to suit everyone. The bright and bubbly Ovello Bar & Kitchen below Mantra South Bank also offers a moreish coastal Italian menu designed for diners seeking a chic, casual experience without sacrificing quality, fit for the family, for date night and every occasion in between. 

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