Ovello Bar & Kitchen
Restaurant Creative Direction

The Challenge

Ahead of the grand unveiling of the new Ovello Bar & Kitchen restaurant, We Are Brooklyn was tasked with depicting Ovello’s narrative through captivating imagery and video. Our goal was to produce content that would serve as the cornerstone of a compelling launch campaign, adaptable for various platforms. Each shot was orchestrated to forge an emotional connection between the brand and its audience, in a manner that was engaging, enjoyable and memorable. 

The Approach

Responding to the challenge, we crafted an Italian-noir inspired creative concept. This concept underpinned our photography and videography, lending a unique and consistent thematic thread to the launch. The ‘Putting The Colour Back In Grey’ content series emerged, comprising a mix of timely and evergreen brand images. These visuals offered enduring support to Ovello throughout its launch and initial operational period. The concept drew from Ovello’s location on Grey Street, South Bank, presenting a play on words from pop culture references that would resonate and breathe fresh energy into the South Bank dining precinct.

The Impact

1x Hero Brand Video

4x Social Media Video Cutdowns

2x Photoshoots

By casting charismatic talent and weaving a carefully choreographed story, every creative element followed our protagonist as they immersed themselves in the Amalfi-inspired venue. The collection of captured moments artfully conveyed Ovello’s vibrancy, artistry and character.

The result was a vivid, on-brand creative suite, that showcased Ovello’s menu, ambiance, character and essence. The production yielded an array of assets integrated across media relations, social media platforms, and marketing outreach.

About Ovello Bar & Kitchen

Ovello Bar & Kitchen is a casual Italian eatery that took over Grey Street in February 2023, offering atmosphere, a mouth-watering Amalfi menu, and drinks worth whipping the camera out for and home to Australia’s most expensive spritz – The Duchess, coming in at a price point of $299. Ovello also hosts Australia’s largest spritz menu, with over 14 different selections of the classic cocktail and even 4 special mini-me mocktail spritz for kids – something to suit everyone. The bright and bubbly Ovello Bar & Kitchen below Mantra South Bank also offers a moreish coastal Italian menu designed for diners seeking a chic, casual experience without sacrificing quality, fit for the family, for date night and every occasion in between, open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday.

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