Indooroopilly Shopping Centre
Christmas Campaign Creative Direction

The Challenge

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the landscape for physical retail trade at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre (ISC) looked significantly different, with the surge in online shopping and a decline in consumer sentiment towards physical stores posing a challenge. ISC enlisted We Are Brooklyn to rejuvenate its brand and stage a relaunch to combat this decline in sentiment, synchronising an activation with the pivotal Christmas season. The overarching objective was to drive foot traffic to physical stores, bring holiday cheer to tactical events, and rekindle consumer sentiment and positive rapport with the centre.

The Approach

Our team developed a strategic positioning and communication proposition, culminating in the new brand message ‘Your Place To Be You’. This served as the cornerstone for the brand refresh that launched alongside a new Christmas campaign.

Assembling a team of creatives, ideators, and producers, we breathed life with the ‘Christmas Your Way’ campaign. The objective was twofold: to reinvigorate the centre for a post-COVID Christmas season and to ensure inclusivity for varying celebratory approaches. The creative direction was refined, exuding vibrancy, warmth, and a touch of fun that aimed to invoke a deeper personal connection between the brand and the centre’s customers.

In direct response to this brief, we designed a stylised set using warm, earthy blush tones, featuring real customers and hired talents as models for the shoot. Each shot vividly captured the essence of a contemporary Christmas setting, evoking the view one might see through a living room window – adorned with beautiful decorations, people brimming with laughter, and glowing with smiles.

This commercial production was rolled out across owned media, digital platforms, and out-of-home channels throughout the Christmas season.

The Impact

  • The post-production creative marked a significant leap in Indooroopilly Shopping Centre’s trajectory, laying the foundation for a successful brand roll-out and rejuvenation.
  • The brand refresh infused life back into the centre during the post-COVID era, injecting relevance, authenticity, and a sense of vibrancy into the creative associated with the centre.

About Indooroopilly Shopping Centre

Indooroopilly Shopping Centre (ISC) is a retail and dining hub nestled in the vibrant heart of the western Brisbane suburb of Indooroopilly, with a rich legacy spanning over a century. Boasting a diverse tapestry of over 200 retailers, it has evolved into a bustling retail haven where history meets modernity, and where community converges to explore a realm of automotive wonders, delectable cuisine, fashion and much more. We Are Brooklyn and ISC embraced the winds of change, reimagined its identity, and rekindled the holiday spirit, all in the midst of an unprecedented era.

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