Gemelli Italian
Brisbane Restaurant Launch Campaign

The Challenge

With well-established venues across the Gold Coast, Gemelli Italian had its sights set on expanding into Brisbane, bringing its rich Italian flavours to a fresh new audience. Our goal was to facilitate this significant transition, helping Gemelli understand the new demographic’s desires, needs, and pain points to ensure a triumphant launch in the James Street precinct. Through media relations, We Are Brooklyn aimed to captivate the James Street demographic and distinguish Gemelli Italian in a saturated market, with the aim of strengthening the venue’s reputation, driving foot traffic and securing reservations.

The Approach

Ahead of Gemelli Italian’s Brisbane debut, we created an authentic brand narrative and introduced a new creative direction. In addition to outreach, we harnessed the power of eDMs, organic social media content and strategic paid campaigns to ignite anticipation and rally support for the launch. We embarked on a three-phase integrated marketing plan:

Hype: We built anticipation for the Gemelli Italian Brisbane launch by driving EDM signups, creating a valuable database for future marketing efforts.

Pre-Launch: Executing a tactical email campaign, we triggered a surge in bookings and amplified brand buzz across social media platforms.


Launch: Employing ‘now-open’ messaging, we broadened Gemelli’s reach, spotlighting the restaurant’s ambiance, culinary offerings, and unique brand ethos to local lifestyle media.

The Impact

  • Throughout the campaign, We Are Brooklyn obtained 20 premium pre-launch media pieces.
  • During the Hype phase, our efforts yielded over 200 bookings within 16 minutes of the initial eDM distribution.
  • Achieving an open rate of 76.2%, the EDM garnered over 400 link clicks.
  • Over the launch period, we successfully grew the eDM database to 10,000 subscribers.
  • Our optimised paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram achieved 300K impressions, resulting in 2.9K unique click-throughs to the website.

About Gemelli Italian Brisbane

Nestled within the heart of Brisbane lies Gemelli Italian, a family-run restaurant driven by a deep passion to share the Italian cuisine and tradition with Brisbane. Fused in culinary harmony with the neighbouring bespoke cocktail venue, Bar Tano, these two dining institutions bring the same renowned Gold Coast hospitality to the vibrant thoroughfares of James Street. At Gemelli, a passion for authentic flavours and shared experiences intertwine to create a dining destination that feels like home.

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