Da Biuso
Restaurant Creative Direction

The Challenge

After teasing the media with venue-in-progress shots, the moment had come to unveil the final masterpiece– capturing Da Biuso’s restaurant on a bus venue, through striking visuals that stop the target audience in their tracks. Our mission was clear: develop a suite of captivating brand assets that narrate the Da Biuso story, spotlighting its location, the highly anticipated fit-out and most importantly – the degustation menu. These assets would serve as the cornerstone of the restaurant’s launch, establishing Da Biuso’s digital presence, and acting as the initial brand encounter for curious consumers.

The Approach

Tied together by the golden thread, Da Biuso’s “essence of connection”, We Are Brooklyn dissected the core messages that the creative direction needed to convey. This led to the identification of three pivotal categories: food, location, and family. Armed with a comprehensive production brief, we choreographed photography and videography down to the finest detail. The creative concept revolved around capturing poignant “moments” in time. Whether it be the swirl of wine in a glass, a curtain dancing in the breeze, sunlight caressing the interiors, or the dishes infused with warmth, each shot resonated with the essence of the Da Biuso experience, inviting guests to understand the restaurant’s allure before they even made a reservation.

The Impact

1x Hero Brand Video

2x Social Media Video Cutdowns

2x Photoshoots

With a blend of precise direction and polished editing, the outcomes of this execution resulted in a range of creative assets to be used across eDMs, social media posts and media kit assets, artfully representing the brand, capturing its elegance, sincerity, and uniqueness. The imagery of the restaurant continues to ripple through digital channels, invoking emotion and inviting viewers into the Da Biuso experience. The assets have the ability to suspend time, capturing a single stolen moment in every image.

About Da Biuso

Da Biuso is not your ordinary fine dining experience. Breaking free from the traditional brick-and-mortar setups, Da Biuso is Brisbane’s very first fine dining experience on wheels! Opening in 2023, Da Biuso is a true family affair spearheaded by Biagio (the husband and head chef), Sarah (his wife, the maitre`d, and sommelier) and Joseph (their son & chef). At Da Biuso, family is the heart of the experience. With their personal touch at every service, they create unforgettable memories for their guests during lunch and dinner sittings, but also cater for exclusive special occasions.

First located at Ascot Green, the idea is that the restaurant moves and relocates to new locations around Brisbane and is also available for private hire, showcasing the best of Brisbane and combining the power of taste and place. The restaurant is hosted on a custom, fully fitted coach designed to feel like a first-class dining suite, with new destinations to unfold throughout the year.

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